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Personal Branding in the "Who Economy:" Leveraging Nearbound Strategies for Referral Success

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Wave goodbye to the era where your expertise alone carved your path. Welcome to the Who Economy, a dynamic marketplace where your personal brand becomes the currency of trust and influence. In this landscape, brimming with knowledge yet starved for genuine connections, the value lies not just in what you know, but in who trusts and endorses you. (Learn more about this shift via in “Selling Better Together: Leveraging Nearbound and the Who Economy.”)

In today's professional arena, the efficacy of traditional social selling is evolving. The days when acumen in problem-solving and technical know-how alone defined professional success are over. Today, we've stepped into an era where the spotlight shines on your personal story and relationships. In the Who Economy, the noise of the marketplace is pierced not by the loudest voice, but by the most trusted referral in your network.

Enter Nearbound, the strategic ace up your sleeve for social selling. This approach goes beyond the old inbound and outbound playbooks, rooting itself in the power of relationships and networks. It's about transforming connections into opportunities and ensuring your personal brand is the nurturing sunlight in the garden of your professional network on platforms like LinkedIn.

At the crux of this new economy is your “personal Net Promoter Score” (pNPS). It's a measure of your referability within your referral network, reflecting how likely your network is to recommend you as a go-to expert. A strong personal brand, especially in the world of LinkedIn personal branding, isn't just an asset; it's a light that amplifies your pNPS, positioning you as the 'who' in the Who Economy. (Learn more about The Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) from the creators, Bain & Company)

To elevate your pNPS and enhance your LinkedIn strategy, you need more than a sparkling resume. It calls for a compelling narrative that captures your essence and authenticity. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your stage, where every endorsement and shared story choreograph a dance of credibility and influence in social selling.

As we navigate the Who Economy, the question shifts from "How good are you?" to "How referable are you?" Integrating personal branding with Nearbound strategies and a robust LinkedIn strategy is about sculpting your professional identity into a lighthouse of trustworthiness and opportunity. It's about ensuring your name is the one on everyone's lips, the default referral that comes to mind.

In the bustling marketplace of the Who Economy, anticipating the growing emphasis on personal influence in business and social selling is key. It's a time to shine, to transform your network into your net worth, and to ask yourself: 

How referable are YOU?

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