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Welcome to NearPoint Strategies, where we redefine success in the professional landscape. At the heart of our approach is the NEAR framework – Network, Engage, Accelerate, Relate.


We believe that true success transcends expertise and hard work; it's about forging expansive, meaningful networks, engaging deeply with your audience, accelerating your goals through strategic alignment of your personal brand with sales objectives, and building authentic, lasting relationships.


Our mission is to guide professionals and businesses towards transformative growth and fulfillment, leveraging the power of personal branding and empathetic, strategic sales techniques.

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Natasha Walstra


Natasha Walstra, founder of NearPoint Strategies, uniquely blends empathy with business acumen at the intersection of personal branding and strategic sales. Originating from Palo Alto, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley, Natasha's journey began with a talent for connecting with diverse groups—a skill that was further refined during her formative years in Argentina and France. These international experiences not only enhanced her language skills but also deepened her understanding of nuanced communication and the art of building genuine relationships.


At Carbon, a leading 3D printing company, Natasha's innovative approach to using professional platforms for personal branding significantly enhanced customer engagement and relationships. Recognized by her CEO, she led the shift from traditional cold-calling to a more relationship-centric sales approach, emphasizing trust and value.

Her role as Vice President of Sales at Forbes Books further developed her expertise. Here, Natasha not only honed her skills in sales strategy but also mentored others in the nuances of personal branding and empathetic sales. She cultivated methods to strengthen brand reputation through personal connections and effective professional relationships.

These varied experiences across cultures and industries culminated in the creation of NearPoint Strategies. Natasha's unique methodology combines her deep sales knowledge with her passion for personal branding, offering a platform for professionals and businesses to achieve their goals. Her approach is tailored, focusing on understanding each client's individual story and objectives, and strategically positioning them in their respective industries through genuine branding and relationship-driven sales.

Now residing in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Natasha continues to guide and inspire with her innovative strategies. She excels in crafting personalized strategies that address the specific needs and aspirations of each client, making her an invaluable advisor in the realms of personal branding and strategic sales

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